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What happened to

Posted by techie on July 2, 2006

I’ve seen advertisements all over the web and have often been interested in the site. I mean their ads usually have some hot girl on it that makes me think that maybe they are on to something. Today I ran across their website again and what did I find? A big picture of Dr. Phil. I’m not sure who they are trying to market to, but what are they doing with Dr. Phil on the front page? Maybe they’ve found that older people pay more for matchmaking service and so Dr. Phil fits that market. Maybe Dr. Phil paid them hordes of cash to put his picture up there. However, I’m sure it was the opposite way…Dr. Phil got paid to be on

Otherwise, the site kind of sucks because you pretty much can’t do anything unless you log in. I guess if I was single it would be worth a try. Otherwise, I just watch the space because I worked in it previously.

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