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iCall to Compete with Skype?

Posted by techie on July 3, 2006

I ran across another VOIP competitor to Skype ( today. It is very nice to see more players in the market. Espescially because iCall ( offers a number of things that Skype doesn’t offer.

Here’s a few of the highlights of iCall:

  • Free calls to the USA and Canada for ALL internet users(skype only allows US residents to make these calls)
    • From their site: That’s right, 100% free. We’ll never charge you to make a call to the US or Canada. Other places charge up to 3 cents a minute and restrict who can call who.
  • Free customizeable voicemail
    • From their site: We have free inbound access numbers in almost every US area code. Just have your friends call one one of them and enter your iCall extension.
  • 100% free unlimited inbound calling
    • From their site: Everyone should have voicemail, so we give it to you. This make take some getting used to – our competitors charge several dollars a month for voicemail service.

I’m not sure how they are able to afford the free calling, but I say enjoy it as much as we can. I love to use this at work because if I use my work phone for a personal long distance call then I have to pay for it. If I use iCall it’s FREE!!

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