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Possible Solution to Laptop Burning Legs

Posted by techie on July 3, 2006

Thanks to my nice new wireless internet I have fallen in love with sitting on the couch and using my laptop. Too bad my legs get so hot with my laptop on my lap that I have to just stop using it for a while to cool off. It doesn’t make it any worse that I live in Las Vegas where it’s so hot. I found a possible solution to my problem called Table Mate ( The key for me is that this table has 6 different height adjustments and 3 different table positions. Who knows where I’ll want to sit with it. It has to adjust to it.

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One Response to “Possible Solution to Laptop Burning Legs”

  1. techie said

    When I was watching TV recently I saw this product on a commercial. I think the commercial did it a better justice than my blog post or the website does at all. They should really consider streaming the commercial on their website. I like the product even better now that I’ve seen the commercial.

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