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Howard Stern Not Even Worthy of Shock Jock

Posted by techie on July 4, 2006

I must admit that Howard Stern( has definitely created an empire with his radio show, the television show and everything he’s been doing on satellite radio. Some people call him a shock jock, but I don’t even think he’s worthy of that. The sad thing is that he wouldn’t keep doing it if people didn’t keep listening to him. I don’t think its really an issue of his morals, but the morals of society that continue to support him. I can’t blame Howard for all the problems for society, but I can’t think of any good his show has done for the world.

If I had more time I should start a new blog called “whatswithhowardstern”. I’m sure it would be one of the most visited blogs on the web. Too bad it would requite me to actually have to listen and see his shows. Definitely not worth the cost.

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