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SpiderFan – Trekies Gone Spiderman

Posted by techie on July 4, 2006

I checkout out a Spiderman fan website ( that reminded me of what trekies have been doing for years. Is it really possible that Spiderman fans could love spiderman as much as people seem to love star trek? I don’t think it’s possible because spiderman is really the only famous character. Star Trek had tons of characters that were on every show. I think that is what contributed to the fan base.

One thing that should be pointed out is that the Spiderman fan website that star trek never had. Spiderman has comic books. I think comic book collecting is as big as any other collection I’ve seen. Maybe that’s why fans love it. I think with Spiderman 3 coming out we’ll see more and more SpiderFan’s out there.

I should also point out an image that is shown on the SpiderFan homepage.

SpiderFan Ad

I guess sex sells even in Spiderman. If getting girls to like me is part of being a spiderfan then I better check it out.

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