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EasyImage – Simplest Image Resizing and Optimizing Software Ever

Posted by techie on July 5, 2006

I’ve been looking around for some simple image software to take care of basic tasks. Print, resize and optimize. You would be surprised how hard it is to find a software that does just that. In fact, most of them out there are galleries that give you thumbnail previews and a whole mess of other options that I don’t need. I want it to take my photos and do 1 or 2 things with it. In fact, many times I only want it to do it for one photo.

I found one that does everything I want except print. It does let me order prints, but I just want to print them to my local printer. Espescially since I many of my images are scans that are black and white so I don’t need them ordered. For the time being I’ll have to settle for the resize and optimize capability of EasyImage (

Easy Image is an interesting piece of software since it is almost too simple. In fact, it feels like you are doing nothing when in fact you are resizing your photos and making them much smaller. It’s so simple I think many people will get confused because they expect it to do much more. Yes, people should know when they see EasyImage that it would be easy. Too bad people are stupid and almost expect it to do more than it does. I’m impressed that someone could create such a specific product.

One suggestion I would make is that EasyImage Lite should be made OpenSource and then just sell their EasyImage Batch product as commercial. That’s a common open source model that I think would be very effective for EasyImage to provide a great product while still generating revenue. Now if they can just add my print button I’ll use it everyday and install it on all the computers I support.


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