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Slippers, Sandals, Tiddies, Umans, Flip Flops

Posted by techie on July 5, 2006

Ever since I lived in Hawaii I’ve loved where slippers(flip flops) and I hate wearing shoes. If I didn’t work in a closed toe shoe environement I would wear them every day. I guess that’s one big reason I miss Hawaii. It always made me laugh in Hawaii when they talked about flip flops they called them slippers. Seemed like an odd name, but it grew on me. I found a new brand of “slippers”(flip flops) called Tiddies ( What kind of name is that? Of course I saw the name and I had to find out more. Well, here’s the history I found:

Kevin Bruce Brown invented “TIDDIES” in 1973. He made them in a warehouse in Pasadena Texas that became famous in the Houston area. By 1977 he was selling so many he incorporated the business, and by 1980 he sold the business to his ex-wive and sister-in-law and took off on a world wide surfing tour that lasted until 1990. In 1990 he started making sandals again, this time a different brand (UMANS), which put his sister-in-law out of business with Tiddies and she abandoned the trademark and left the sandal business. In 1998, at the advice of a patent attorney, Kevin started making “Tiddies” sandals again because of consumer demand. He made the brand popular again and he re-established the brand, only to have his sister-in-law sue him in court and take the trademark back. That same night, he designed his new logo and moved forward with his new brand of sandal: Pirate Brand Sandals.

So now Tiddies are called Pirate brand sandals after they were called UMANS. Hopefully it ends there. I like the name pirate sandals. I can almost see Johnny Depp wearing some sandals around.

Regardless of the name, pirate brand sandals has a very interesting design. The thick sole seems like it would offer some nice comfort while the straps will hold them on your feet. Have you ever tried to walk backward with sandals? Not a problem with these babies. However, if you are anything like me you’re going to need to get an extra set of straps. I guess I play too hard and break them. Anyone else like that?

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7 Responses to “Slippers, Sandals, Tiddies, Umans, Flip Flops”

  1. James Hart said

    The story that you have on your website is total bull*!@#. I am now involved with TIDDIES Brand Sandals and I am sick of reding about how Kevin Brown makes Tiddies under another name. Kevin Brown sold the Tiddies company and name years ago. After he lost it he realized it and now will do anything to get it back. He tried stealing it and the courts fixed that. Now he is using the internet to draw customers looking for Tiddies to his website. The owner of Tiddies has no concept of how the internet works or how he doing it. TIDDIES IS STILL IN BUSINESS AND YOU CAN GET REAL TIDDIES SANDALS AT ““. Please stop falling for this disgruntled mans attempt to steal business from Tiddies, Inc.

  2. Graybeard said

    i wish i could say you were half right but alas….
    actual TIDDIES-Turned-PIRATE events are far darker than you described.
    Brown Brothers sold TIDDIES,INC and the TIDDIES trademark to their X-wives in 1980.
    The Xwife ,with actual business sense, died shortly after the sale. This left a perfectly healthy corporation in the hands of a complete “airhead”…consequently by 1991 TIDDIES products were nonexistant…Her quest for jewelry, fur coats , luxury automobiles ,and resort properties trumped paying her suppliers of essential materials to continue production of TIDDIES (not to mention not paying her employees)
    Meanwhile..The Brown Brothers started manufacturing a NEW DESIGN of sandal that would also fill the market void created by the conspicoius abscence of TIDDIES..
    this was the birth of UNAN footwear (cir.1988-1998).
    Pay close attention to this part now…Kevin Brown took MARGO HOAGUE-ABBUBO the X sister-in-law to dinner in 1998 to offer some kind of royalty arrangement to use the trademark TIDDIES on footwear once again…Margo was so “baked”(stoned,high,f%3ked-up,strung out)that she had difficulty addressing the offer however, she did state ,at that meeting,and i quote”SANDALS ARE CHUMP CHANGE” and further that she was done with the trademark as it was not appropriate for her marketing plans for “anti-fatigue floor mats”..(say what?).
    Kevin Brown , not being totally aware of trade mark rules and laws assumed that Margo was just going to sit on the trademark and spin….One year later in a conversation with noted patent and trademark attourney ,Richard L.Schwartz,
    Kevin learned that the true state of the TIDDIES trademark was that it was “ABANDONED” due to non-use for over 6 years…Kevin began the trademark cancellation process and was all but successful when ,at the 11th hour,…Margo Reinstated the defunked Texas corporation(TIDDIES,INC) that owned the trademark and catgorically lied to the patent and trademark board in saying that she had been in “continious use” of the trademark ,TIDDIES ,for all these years. This was over a year after Kevin had begun using the trademark,TIDDIES,on sandals and apparrell…essentially raising it from the dead…In fact the first few customers Kevin encountered were actually seeking TIDDIES sandals purchased from MARGO years before and NEVER DELIVERED…(holy mail fraud !)…Nothing further happened until 2003 when Margo briefly sobered up long enough to file suit against Kevin for tardemark infringement..That’s 4 years after the revival of the trademark…It takes that long to try and find a FREE ATTOURNEY i guess…Anyway that attourney died…(seriously)..It took so long to find a new FREE attourney that Kevin could no longer afford the retainer and monthly fees generated by his lawyers(who incidentally got in hot water with the securities and exchange commission and needed money really badly and thus began to levy higher monthly fees from all of their clients)…Kevin retained a local more ecoonomical lawyer who is a better friend than trademark attourney…Kevin had the truth on his side and when the case was finally heard in Federal court…The truth was trumped by Margo’s purjury and conspiracy with Kevin’s unhappy X-wife Nancy and Margo’s drug-addicted nephew(who has since overdosed…i’m not makin’ this stuff up)…So margo wins the TIDDIE trademark back and a handy award of $100,000.00+ from Kevin.
    The judge also ruled that KEVIN was not “malisciously” using the trademark and that he was “MISTAKEN” in his belief that TIDDIES ,INC had abandoned it…To all you legal eagles, this was the plainly spelled out “exit” from under the monetary judgement…Kevin had been CHEATED out of his adopted trademark and now Margo was coming after the MONEY!..Chapter 7 to the rescue!!!..i mean really , Who amounst you would pay money you did’nt have to a liar and a cheat?…Not Kevin that’s for sure…Literally the day the judgement was known…Kevin sat at his work table and drew out the PIRATE logo and launched the PIRATE SANDAL COMPANY,and website and has NEVER LOOKED BACK!
    Note worthy… is the fact that MARGO took a little over ONE YEAR to produce the first pair of her TIDDIES SANDALS and would’nt you know…The were’nt the same sandals she “had been making all the years” but rather an exact copy of Kevin’s
    UMAN/TIDDIES?turned PIRATE sandal design…After less than a year of struggling, Margo found a sucker to buy the business from her…Revived Corporation,Stolen trademark, shamelesly copied product design and all!….
    If anything, you should be aware that Kevin is actually happy about the new trademark and product line,PIRATE, success has followed his and his family’s hard work and efforts to build a new business from the injustice rained upon them.
    Margo in effect managed to kill a quality ressurection of the very trademark she had killed decades ago and then when Kevin was protected from paying her illgotten judgement..she was left standing there with…(drumroll)…A JOB!..
    The first one she has had in years as she here-to-fore was a “manbug”(financial parasite found leeching the life out of many men in exchange for,,,ew i don’t even want to think about it)…She couldn’t do the job so she bailed by selling the trademark she stole for less than Kevin had offered her in the original dinner meeting in 1998…Fo figure.
    Remember to support the TIDDIEMAN/turned PIRATE by buying PIRATE products and please spread the word…
    Oh yes and Mr.Hart…I suggest a vigorous session of autosexal intercourse.
    Graybeard..a.k.a.KEVIN BRUCE BROWN d.b.a.PIRATE

  3. Liz said

    I have to share share share!!! After waiting 29 years I can not believe I found The Original
    TIDDIES I remember when I was 6 wanting some cause my brother and sister had a pair!!

    You guy’s have to check out their web site It is loaded
    with TON’S of groovey things. Now you can put CHARMS on your TIDDIES!! Put that cold drink
    in your TIDDIES koozie,Get a groovey TIDDIES T-Shirt,and also there are children’s TIDDIES

    TIDDIES are made from a durable sole and two soft foam layers on top. Your choice of color
    surgical tubing,TIDDIES are lightweight, waterproof,and floatable
    and loaded with other TIDDIES goodies!! Everyone shuld have the REAL TIDDIES!!

    Peace,LOVE & TIDDIES!!!!

    Liz K.~Texas

  4. Kat in Port A said

    I have both of the sandles and you can tell the diffrence in quality in the pirates as opposed to the “new tiddes”. I have an orginal pair ui dug out to compare also and again the pirates are the true thing! Keep up the good work Kevin and karma will take care of those bast@*!s with your continuing good fourtune and success


  5. Kat in Port A said

    P.S. James is a mole and works for Tiddes!

  6. Gabriel said

    That James person was not in court to watch Margo lie and cheat her way through the legal loopholes. I WAS THERE in the court room in Kevin’s corner because I WAS THERE with Margo in the 90’s when she was completely out of the sandals business and making “anti-fatigue” mats and mouse pads. And I WAS THERE when Margo was taking people’s mail order money and not delivering the goods.

    I support Kevin Brown by selling his sandals on my web site and not that other cheap imitation being made and sold by someone who was not originally a part of the Tiddies Sandals generation.

  7. Capt. Hook said

    First let me say that I back Kevin a.k.a. The Pirate on this issue. It’s not because I know the man because I’ve only had two dealings with him and they were both on the phone. One was to answer questions he had about my dealings with his X sister-in-law, Margo and the now infamous Tiddies Sandals debacle, and the other time to order tiddies from one of the original tiddies men, Kevin Brown.

    I had some business with Margo, if you want to call it that but I wouldn’t, in 1999 or 2000. I knew her well and our daughters went to school together. Yes I can confirm, as Kevin has stated, that rarely did I see her when she wasn’t heavily medicated. During this late 90’s early 2000 time frame she led me to believe that she still owned the Tiddies name and I approached her about buying the Tiddies name from her. Of course I did not not know tiddies were being produced by Kevin in his Texas City shop. She didn’t want to sell the name but rather she wanted to go into business together. I knew this wasn’t going to work because of her lack of money management skills and her prescription medication dependency. By the way, at that time she was living with a Pharmacist, go figure. So I made arrangements with her to get some “old product” from her to sell and see if these things could sell again like they did back in the day. We all remember standing outside the “Tiddie Factory” as we called it, on a Saturday to try to get in and buy some sandals before they ran out of your size. Geez, those were the days. Anyway, Margo got a Mexican National, PC for illegal alien, to work at the old abandoned Tiddie Factory to make a few pair of sandals for me to try to sell. The place had no electricity or anything. Margo was never there and I had the run of the place. I could have Pedro, not his real name but the same as using John Doe for an American, make anything I wanted. I went upstairs and saw lots of “old” product just laying around. Some of it was in decent shape, Most of it was not worth using. Pedro punched out sandals for me by hand. All I had to do was tell Margo what I picked up and I paid her in cash. I never signed a contract, never had an invoice, everything was done in cash. I sold a few pairs, not as many as I wanted, but I figured most people didn’t know they were available to buy. Eventually Pedro quit showing up at the factory, probably because Margo wasn’t paying him, but she told me he went to Mexico one Christmas and never came back. I never once, not one time ever heard Margo talk about anybody else selling Tiddies. I’m also sure she would have said something to me if there was. She did talk to me about her new venture that she was trying to start up, anti fatigue mats. She asked me what I thought and I told her that I had seen them before and we used them where I worked. of course she was planning o making them out of the old foam sandal stock she had at the tiddie factory. When sandal sales weren’t going well I quit selling them and returned what I had left to Margo. Our kids grow up, I moved on and I haven’t heard from her since. So ends the my saga and my attempt to bring Tiddies back to the masses.

    If I was to buy some now I would NOT go to the people who bought the name from Margo. I’d buy mine from the original maker of the sandals and that would be Kevin at

    James needs to shut his pie hole since he doesn’t know the first thing about the origin of the tiddies sandals or what happened between Kevin and Margo. I believe Kevin’s story because I personally know about some of the things he talks about here.

    Good Luck Kevin,
    Capt. Hook

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