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Thoughts on Search Engines

Posted by techie on July 5, 2006

There are so many search engines out there that it is hard to know which one to use. In fact, there is currently a barrage of blog search engines which is really blurring the line of which search engines to use. It actually reminds me of the times when google wasn’t on top and there was still a choice between using google, yahoo, msn, overture, and I think there are a few more that I’m forgetting but I remember a bunch of email providers also did search.

Well, there is a new generation of search also emerging as and Windows Live are trying to really shake up how search is done. In fact, Windows Live is Windows firt search product created by them. There msn search has always been powered by someone else. AOL search is the same. I digress! While I find some of these new search technologies interesting I can’t find a major reason to switch from Google. Despite the fact that google has done an excellent job tieing me to them by integrating into the firefox toolbar I also see no reason to leave google. It’s sufficient for my needs. In fact, I’m use to the results and so I think I’m able to work quicker because of that familiarity.

Let me compare it to Mac vs. PC. I can do everything on a Mac that I can do on a PC. In fact, I find the new Mac OS to be nice and intrigueing. However, despite my interest in what Mac’s have done I still work faster on a PC. I just know my way around it better. Google’s the same way for me. So, until they offer something worth changing for, I’ll have to keep using google.

As far as blogs, right now my preference is Technorati, but that is still open for debate. Really I like to use a couple blog search engines because when I’m searching blogs I’m not looking for answers. I’m looking for a variety of answers. So, a group of blog searches is better because then I’ll get different results from each.

So, go ahead getyoursearchon!!


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