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eSmartTax Joins the Free Tax Software Frey

Posted by techie on July 6, 2006

I’ve always been amazed that the government has left the electronic filing of taxes to the market. Thankfully the market has responded and provided us some very nice alternatives to file our taxes. eSmartTax( is offering a new version of free tax software. The best feature that eSmartTax offers is allowing you to compare up to 3 tax return scenarios at the same time to find the lowest taxable income and best results. This tax comparison service will more than offset the $9.95 price to print and efile. Online filing is easy and quicker. This is a great reason to use eSmartTax too. From the website( it looks like they’ve designed it even easier than some of the other programs I’ve seen.

I know it’s not the right season to post about taxes, but I just got my state tax return today and so I’m kind of excited about taxes. There’s nothing better than getting a big chunk of money in a tax return. I know for my wife it is like a savings plan for us. Too bad they don’t pay us any interest on our “savings”.


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