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Pregnancy and Photo Birth Announcements

Posted by techie on July 6, 2006

My wife is pregnant and you know what that means. Mood swings and money spent on a new baby. There’s a real interesting problem with this whole pregnancy thing though. You want to announce the birth of your child, and you want to send out a cute card. Your wife is very talented and could create some beautiful announcements. Unfortunately, the mood swings and nausea often prevent her from doing what she’d like. How do you reconcile the 2?

Many men may think they are patient and will be fine letting their wife struggle through this adventure. This would be a huge mistake. Bite the bullet. Buy your birth announcements from If you want to really impress, get the photo birth announcements. This will save you and your wife tons of heartache.


3 Responses to “Pregnancy and Photo Birth Announcements”

  1. anatasia said

    Pregnancy is like a boon for a married women. Pregnancy means a lot of joy for the women who is pregnant as she is about to deliver her offsprings. The excitement is quite different. The women began to take more care of them as their baby’s health who is inside the womd depends upon them.

  2. rachael said

    i have that one too!

  3. Kevin said

    oh yeah, one more thing Are you ignoring my wasteful observation I have a fresh joke for you) How does a spoiled rich girl change a lightbulb? She says, “Daddy, I want a new apartment.”

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