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Las Vegas Real Estate – Amazing Growth

Posted by techie on July 7, 2006

Since moving to Las Vegas I’ve been looking at all the real estate because like most people it would be nice for my wife and I to have a home. Too bad the search has been horrible since there are so many choices in Vegas. Not to mention most of the ones we just see around us are way out of our price range.

I hate all the real estate websites because you have to register and you can’t filter things well. However, I may just have found the solution. The site kind of looks cheaply coded, but the quality of the information is so much better than the nice looking websites. It’s called Million Savers( and it has some great Las Vegas Real Estate available. Try out the search features that let you filter and narrow down your selection step by step. The way houses are sold in Vegas you just have to act quickly since real estate sells so fast.

One other thing I’ve thought about when looking at Las Vegas real estate is what will happen with the price. I don’t think the price dropping is ever a concern since every time they build a casino it requires thousands of more workers. If you have more workers then you need more houses. Simple supply and demand.


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