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Florida – An Entertainment Paradise

Posted by techie on July 8, 2006

I don’t know how many other people look around for technology conferences that they want to attend making sure that they are in places they want to visit. I do this every conference without fail. A conference in Houston, TX is just not that appealing. New York City is also not attractive because I know its going to cost me 2 arms and 2 legs to go there. However, when I see Orlando as the host city I’m ready to go.

I think Florida has so much to offer. Think about the following list:
Sea World Florida
Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Kennedy Space Center
Epcot Center
Disney World(Disney’s Magic Kingdom)
Universal Studios
Busch Gardens
Disney – MGM Studios
Florida’s Waterparks(at least 7)

Those are just the major attractions. Plus, there are hundreds of other smaller attractions around these. The real question is how much time can afford to take before or after my conference to visit this fine entertainment?

State of Florida’s Official Travel Planning Website(


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