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Only Mesh Chair in the World Constructed of Solid Metal Components

Posted by techie on July 8, 2006

What’s in a chair? My mother worked at an office supply store for a long time and she pointed out that having a good chair is very very important if you are going to be sitting all day. She should know since if the chair doesn’t work then she has back pain. I’m afraid my back is blessed with her family genes and so finding a good chair is essential.

I found the following chair today: Super Mesh Chair – Silvervein Finished Professional Chair Featuring Solid Metal Construction(

I really like that it is built with metal. Men just have an affinity to anything built with metal I think. I also love that it is done with mesh. I hate when it is so hot(and it is very hot here in vegas) and my back starts sweating. Mesh prevents that problem. From what I read: They include free shipping and a 60 day money back guarantee and they are in stock and ready to ship.

I think I might have to try one of these out. The chair I have now sucks. This sucky chair is going to anyone that comes for a visit. That way they won’t stay and talk with me because the chair sucks so bad.


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