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SpectorSoft – Taking Computer Monitoring to the Next Level

Posted by techie on July 11, 2006

As a computer guy having a 2 year old I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can one day protect my son on the internet. There are so many technologies out there that I was sure that one of them would do what I want it to do. I just hadn’t found it yet. Today I found SpectorSoft’s computer monitoring software which looks like the solution I’m looking for. It essentially monitors and logs everything that is done on your computer.

Now I can understand how many people might think that computer monitoring is a bad thing because it shows your kids that you don’t trust them. However, I think this is such a mistaken thought. Sure, you do want to show your kids that you trust them. However, even more important is that no kid should care if you add computer monitoring software if they aren’t doing something they shouldn’t.

The other side of this coin is in the business or corporate world. In some of my previous jobs there has been strict rules(religious) that of course wanted to prevent pornography and other inappropriate material being seen. Computer monitoring is really the only way to know for sure what is happening with this. Filters can be easily bypassed. However, as a general rule I don’t like computer monitoring at work. Although, I think it would depend on the boss’s reaction. I currently have a boss that isn’t reasonable and so that definitely biases my opinion.

However, there are a number of computers at my current job doing IT in healthcare that computer monitoring would be an essential part of HIPAA compliance. I espescially like how SpectorSoft( can record what files were saved to removable media. That’s extremely important. I think this is perfect for those intern computers that need a little more security.


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