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Skype protocols opening up, ready or not

Posted by techie on July 14, 2006

Someone was able to find out the Skype protocol. Check it out:

The VoIPWiki Blog reports a Chinese firm reverse engineered Skype’s communications protocol. It allows Skype-to-compatible softphone calls.This is credible; I’ve talked with a member of the team that built a Skype-compatible softphone. They hope to go public by month end. We’re eager to discover if they will publish the protocols, offer Skype-compatible consumer software, offer Skype-compatible engineering products to other developers, sell their firm to a bigger company, or simply offer consulting services.

I wonder what this means for security on skype. I couldn’t care less when I’m just talking with friends or even for most busines calls, but I would be careful what personal information I said on it. If someone wants to listen to me chatting with someone else about anything but social security numbers, date of birth and mothers maiden name then they are welcome to listen.


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