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Christian Employers and Seekers – The Monster of Christian Employment

Posted by techie on July 16, 2006

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about her interest in finding a website that listed christian people that offered certain services she needed. I thought it was a great idea and I thought I found a website that did just that called Christian Well, I wasn’t quite right about this website doing what my friend wanted.

However, I was completely fascinated with the idea the Christian ministers or people wanting to work with a christian organization could use to find employment. Sounds like a great idea. Here’s a better description of exactly what their mission is: connects Churches and Christian ministries with prospective staff members.
We provide the largest freely searchable database of Christian and Ministry jobs on the internet and can
connect you with a powerful collection of resources to help you with your search today.
For Christian Employment and Church Staffing: You can instantly publicize your position openings to our
3,500+ daily visitors. You can search over 5,500 resumes; research salary packages; glean ideas from
over 250 free online Christian job descriptions; and even perform background checks on potential


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