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Posted by techie on July 17, 2006

Today I ran across a website for an austin search marketing company called Apogee( I thought the site was well done and I espescially loved that was green reminding you of how much money they can make you.

A good search engine marketing company is essential to a growing business. If you have a business and aren’t marketing to search engines then you are losing customers. Apogee seems to be covering all of the bases like the following:

Paid Search Advertising
Natural Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Call Management
Affiliate Management
Search Engine Marketing Training
Search Engine Marketing Analysis

Understanding each of these functional areas is important for you to drive traffic to your website. The 2 keys are to first drive targeted traffic to your website. Second, you must analyze the marketing you are doing. Reporting and analysis tools can gather a wealth of information on your search engine marketing. Understanding, optimizing and adapting your search engine marketing is essential.

If you don’t have these skills yourself then look to someone like Apogee(


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