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Dmitry Chaplin and Martha Nichols Get Sent Home on So You Think You Can Dance

Posted by techie on July 21, 2006

Dmitry Chaplin and Martha Nichols got sent home tonight on So You think you Can Dance. I can’t say I was really dissappointed by either of them getting sent home. I was actually quite glad that Martha Nichols got sent home. I don’t think she did a good job dancing at all. The difference between her and the others was great. I will give Martha credit on many of her ballroom dances she looked very nice and had some nice lines. Otherwise, I was glad she got kicked off. Think about this. Which girl would you have take her place? I’m also glad that Natalie Fotopoulos was second from the bottom. I hope she goes home next. She’s all body and sex appeal.

I think that the American voters(8 million is nuts) did a real disservice to Dmitry. How can the fans on TV go so crazy and the people at home not at least make him into the top 5 guys. I was surprised that Cat Deeley didn’t get on the phone and start voting for Dmitry. Cat’s interaction with Dmitry has been one of my favorite parts of So You Think You Can Dance. I know Dmitry would be gone sooner or later, but now didn’t seem the right time. I guess this goes back to my personal theory that having friends is important in these voting contests. I remember on one of these voting shows people had set up a room similar to a telethon with phones to vote for their favorite. I guess Dmitry doesn’t have friends. Maybe if they accepted text messages from Russians he would have gotten it. Too bad it’s America’s favorite dancer and not Russia’s or the World’s. Is that Nigel Lythgoe‘s next show? I also have to admit that Dmitry’s most impressive moment was when he did an incredible lift with Donyelle Jones. I guess the guy does have some muscle.

As an update to my previous post on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox I have further found out that not only is Benji Schwimmer a mormon, but his cousin Heidi Groskreutz is indeed a mormon(at least someone on a message board said they knew her and said she was). Not to mention she’s still my favorite(and HOT). If you don’t believe she’s hot and an amazing dancer then watch this Youtube Video of Heidi and Benji dancing. I’m 99% sure Jaymz Tuaileva is a mormon. Otherwise, why would his profile say:

“My dad used to dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii when he was younger. I would call that dancing professionally. He used to do a mean fire dance that’s for sure.”

Jaymz should have busted out a fire dance and he’d still be on the show. For the record, the fire knife dancers at the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. My jury’s still out on Allison Holker(that last name looks way to much like hooker…she needs to get married) being a mormon. I’m not a betting man, but I’d bet she is a mormon living in Orem, UT.

Well, I don’t want to leave too many people out. So, I better cover one of my favorite soloists Ivan Koumaev I wasn’t too impressed with the wheels on the shoes, but that’s because his solos are SOOO good usually. The wheels were used too much and distracted from his expert solo dancing skills. Either way, I was really disappointed that he wasn’t in the bottom two tonight. I would have much rather watched him do a solo than either of the other 2 men.

Finally, it was about time their guest performer wasn’t some lame group that gets up and sings. So You Think You Can Dance should not allow any performer on stage if they can’t shake it, groove it, move it, or some other dancing motion. Finally, Chris Brown got up and showed some plentiful dancing skills.


5 Responses to “Dmitry Chaplin and Martha Nichols Get Sent Home on So You Think You Can Dance”

  1. jj said


  2. jj said


  3. abeer said

    i love Dmitry Chaplin iwish if i can find more video of him om net

  4. gopolynesia said

    A lot of great dancers have come out of the Polynesian Cultural Center. I remember seeing Marie Osmond at PCC a few times.

  5. sytycd said

    I wouldn’t call Marie Osmond a great dancer, but you’re right that the PCC puts out a lot of great dancers. I know very well since I lived in Hauula for a couple years. In fact, I’m leaving for Hawaii tomorrow and we’ll be staying in Laie. Thanks for stopping by.

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