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Is Your Computer Running Slow?

Posted by techie on July 22, 2006

Me least favorite question I get as a computer guy is when someone tells me that their computer is running slow. It is the biggest pain in the butt problem to handle. I’ll tell you why. There could be hundreds of reasons why your computer is slow.

How do you diagnose it?

The standard method is to go through ruling out different items that may be causing you slowness. Remembering always that it may be a combination of things that are causing you to pull your hair out. There are a lot of free and built in tools that can be used to help do this. One popular one is to defrag your disk. This comes with windows and is buried somewhere in the control panel. Many people like to do it and it makes them feel good when it goes because it shows them a nice picture that looks like it’s organizing things better.

This will work, but how many people have the time to do this? Not to mention how many people know where to find tools like the defragger? I would say not many.

What do you do?

Pointstone Software( has come up with a set of pretty much all the tools you could need to clean your system. Here’s a summary of what they have available:

System Cleaner® 5.51e
Clean your system from all the garbage wasting space and slowing the performance of your computer with System Cleaner full set of powerful tools. Also comes with a Registry Cleaner so that you can fix all the registry errors.

Total Privacy Box Image
Total Privacy™ 5.21
Total Privacy is a complete solution to protect your privacy and enhance your PC performance. With a simple click Total Privacy can securely erase your internet tracks, computer activities and programs history information stored in many hidden files on your computer. Supports Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Mozilla, Mozilla FireFox and Opera browsers well as more than 450 third party applications via plug-ins.

MemOptimizer Box Image
MemOptimizer™ 3.01
Is your PC becoming increasingly slow and unstable? MemOptimizer monitors your system in the background and optimizes your computers memory, making your computer run faster, and preventing up to 90% of Windows crashes.

Internet Accelerator Box Image
Internet Accelerator™ 1.31
Internet Accelerator works to decrease page load times and optimize your Internet connection. You’ll be transferring the maximum amount of data possible before you know it!

This is a nice set of programs that will really clean your system from some of the most common computer slowness problems.

However, that’s actually not all the programs they have available, because they also offer a nice set of free programs that you can use:

Free Programs

index.dat Viewer™
index.dat Viewer reads the index.dat files directly. This makes sure that what you see displayed by the program are the exact contents of the index.dat files.

Start Menu Click History Viewer™
View all the information stored on your computer that is saved when you open anything from the Start Menu!

Privacy Analyzer™
Take control of your Online Privacy!

Turbo-Edit™ 97 1.4
Edit files that have demanding text-editing requirements with this powerfull text editor.

I personally find the Start Menu Click History Viewer quite intrigueing(however you spell that word).

If you take a look at their Mega Pack you can save a lot of money by buying the products in a nice bundle. $60 for a faster computer is well worth the money and the time saved.


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