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Marcus Banks Signs with Phoenix Suns

Posted by techie on July 22, 2006

Living in Las Vegas about the only sports news we get is anything to do with UNLV. Therefore the only sports news to announce this week was about Marcus Banks signing with the Phoenix Suns. It is a really interesting choice for Banks who hasn’t played much in Minnesota, but looked good when they did play him. The problem is that he could have gone to a number of teams and gotten the starting job. However, he was fine with going to Phoenix and playing second fiddle to Steve Nash.

If you think about this for a second it really is a no brainer for Marcus Banks.

First, who wouldn’t want to learn from the best point guard still playing in the league Steve Nash?

Second, between the always impressive Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire returning to the lineup I think I could play guard for the Suns.

Third, look what playing on the suns did for so many other mediocre, but skilled players.

Fourth, the Suns have a real serious shot at winning the NBA championships. I don’t care what role you will play on a team, if that team wins a championship you are going to be super happy. He’s set for life and so now he wants to win championships.

Finally, he’s getting paid $21 million to do all of the above.

I think that many in vegas will pick up some Suns tickets and take the quick hour flight to Phoenix to catch a game.


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