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Floyd Landis Keeps the Tour de France Winner in America for the Eighth Straight Year – Will He Move to Team Discovery?

Posted by techie on July 23, 2006

I don’t think there are many things prettier than seeing the beautiful American flag flying down the streets of Paris as another American wins the Tour de France. I’ve been watching a lot of the Tour de France and it has been very exciting to watch this year.

Floyd Landis deserved the win after dominating the final mountain stage of the Tour de France and also winning the time trial. There isn’t anything flashy about Floyd, but there is something nice about his quiet method of winning. Except for his enormous falling out of 8 minutes he had the Tour de France in his control the entire time. Floyd will be remember for one of the greatest rides of Tour de France history. It was outstanding.

It’s always interesting to compare Floyd Landis to Lance Armstrong at this point. I don’t think it is a fair comparison since they are such different riders on very different teams. However, they were both champions that Americans can be proud of.

I think it is also really interesting to read about Floyd’s background being raised in a Mennonite town. I think ESPN did a good job on covering this part of Floyd’s story.

Now we’ll just have to see if Floyd Landis can recover from hip surgery and return to the tour. Not to mention if Team Discovery and Lance Armstrong really will sign Floyd away from Team Phonak.


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