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Last Comic Standing Thoughts and Episodes Online

Posted by techie on July 26, 2006

Last night I missed the episode of Last Comic Standing. I was a little dissappointed until I found full versions of the head to head performances online. That’s nice because the best part of the show is the comedy. Sure, some of the drama makes the comedy more interesting and entertaining, but the comedy is what really takes the cake. I think Last Comic Standing should take a queue from other reality TV and bring on some professional comics as guest acts. That would be even more entertaining.

I don’t really know why I watch the show, since Chris Porter is the best comedian on the show. However Josh Blue will probably get the sympathy vote. Sure Josh is very funny, but he isn’t nearly as good as Chris Porter. Chris has a refined style and his roast was like a seasoned pro.

I’m so glad that Roz“>Roz got kicked off the show because I was tired of hearing her SCREAMING!! She had some ok material, but the screaming got very tiring.

Now if they could just get the full episodes online so I can watch those when I miss the show then I’ll be happy. Until then I’ll have to just settle for the comedy routines they post on the website.

I was looking for last nights show recap and they just had episode 8’s recap which I’m including here since the website’s sucks at a quick recap:
Roz was the first comedian on stage for Last Comic Standing’s first voting show. She said it before and she said it again, “I don’t have jokes, I have problems.” From there, she delved into the world of fat jokes, white men, and the smell of Krispy Kreme donuts.
Ty Barnett
Up next was Ty and his surprise at finding out that his hometown of Chicago doesn’t have a great reputation. He also doesn’t understand everyone’s need to appear tough, and is baffled at how the government had no clue that Hurricane Katrina was coming.
Chris Porter
Oprah’s boot camp has helped Chris Porter lose over 1,000 pounds, but that’s beside the point. Chris riffed on the club scene, the difficulty of drinking and not smoking at the same time, and what it’s like at a Catholic Mass.
Josh Blue
In the fourth spot was “Paula Abdul’s neurosurgeon,” Josh Blue! Josh hopped across the stage to great applause only he didn’t have any material…just kidding. His act touched on the seductive art of the ménage a tois, Gabriel’s infamous phone calls, and people who are condescending to those with disabilities.
Michele Balin
Last, but certainly not least, was New Yorker Michele Balin who was impressed with her professional hair and makeup job. But not all was for laughs as she talked about depression in the news, and told a story about deciding to work on her tan rather than jumping off her roof.


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