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Over 2500 Magazines from 24 Different Sites

Posted by techie on July 26, 2006

There are so many friggin magazines out there I can’t believe it. You can find a magazine on almost anything. In fact, I found a website called that compares prices for over 2500 magazines from 24 different sites, and helps people find magazine subscriptions for 3+ years.

That’s a lot of magazines to aggregate. Take my favorite example by taking a look at their list of sports and recreation magazines. That’s a lot of magazines. Plus they have it right placing the best 3 at the top: Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine and Sporting News.

The only thing that does surprise me is that the website is still done in HTML. With all that good information it should be database driven with some sort of nice scripting language.


One Response to “Over 2500 Magazines from 24 Different Sites”

  1. Thanks for the review!

    Actually, it IS all database driven. It’s just built to look like plain HTML.

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