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Email Pushed to Your Cell Phone for Free

Posted by techie on July 27, 2006

One thing I really miss about my previous job was having a cell phone that allowd me to check my email. The downside with the cell phone I had was that I had to wait for the phone to finally retrieve my messages. I had heard of a bunch of services that pushed your email to your cell phone on an ongoing basis, but they were all very expensive.

Now there is a company offering a free solution for those that want their email pushed out to their favorite mobile device. The company is called emoze (

Here’s a quick look at what emoze offers you:

FREE real time wireless push email

FREE wireless email, calendar, and contact synchronization with full Outlook(r)-like functionality

Powerful compression that saves data transfer costs

Best of breed security

Worldwide coverage on any network

Easy installation – no need for IT assistance

Support for a wide range of devices – including Symbian Series 60
and Microsoft Windows mobile 2003 and 5.0

Not a bad offering for free. This message should come with a warning. Doing this will make you significantly more productive in your downtime. However, there are significant risks to implementing such a technology. Many people may be familiar with the term Crackberry being used to talk about how a person’s blackberry is as addicting to crack. Well, emoze essentially turns compatible cell phones into virtual crackberrys. Maybe I should think of a new term for this device. What about crystal meth cell. At least the side effects of this addiction is a more productive life.

emoze technology is particularly focused around personal and corporate privacy, providing one of the best security solutions available for mobile email. emoze does not gather or send information from users’ PCs or in-boxes. There are no “cookies”, no “spywares” and no duplication of user data on emoze servers.

emoze is wholly owned by the Emblaze Group (, an innovation-driven telecoms vendor offering advanced solutions for the next generation of mobile communication. For more information about emoze, go to


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