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Allison Holker and Ryan Rankine Get Sent Home on So You Think You Can Dance – What Allison?

Posted by techie on July 28, 2006

Allison Holker and Ryan Rankine both got the boot last night on So You Think You Can Dance. While Ryan Rankine getting kicked off wasn’t a surprise at all since I predicted his certain demise in my post Ryan Rankine and Natalie Fotopoulos Are Going Home Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. At least I was right that I realized that Natalie going home was a “toss up”, but I still think that America was wrong and that Natalie Fotopoulos should have gone home instead of our dear sweet Allison(and Allison Holker is indeed mormon officially).

Well, I don’t think it was just me that was shocked that Allison got kicked off the show. I guess our only hope now is that Natalie is hurt so bad that she is unable to perform and that Allison can come back in her place. Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m not sure it would happen because if you think about it, Allison would have to be learning the dances that Natalie is learning. That would be kind of weird. However, I guess we could be really surprised next week.

Benji, Heidi and Donyelle are still kicking butt. If you look at my website statistics it says the same thing. I have a feeling that Benji is going to run away with this. I’m not sure why. Can someone fill me in on why he’s running away with this competition?

Well, another nice episode. I loved Allison’s tribute dance when she danced with Travis. I think that Dmitry should have done the same thing as Allison and danced with a partner. The camera would have still focused on him.


24 Responses to “Allison Holker and Ryan Rankine Get Sent Home on So You Think You Can Dance – What Allison?”

  1. Jillian said


    I was also very upset to see that Allison was sent home last night…she was by far my favorite dancer. That dance she did at the end last night was just amazing.

    Anyway, I have a question for you…by chance do you know the name of the song and the artist that sings the send off for the girls – where they show the clips of their journey on the show? If you could let me know I would really appreciate it.


  2. miss. sonee said

    .. . was i not the only person sitting watching and screaming “NO .. allison’s kicked off” im sorry but america is just ridiculous – im a fan of both natalie and allison but personally i feel allison is more deserving .. she’s versitile- she can dance anything and not to mention the fact that she is only 18 years old.. can u not say she’s one of the most talented ladies on the show since season 1 .. i am so mad she’s out of the runing i hate heidi. i dont mind donyelle. natalie’s my second fav. but allison totally deserves this .. she’s so talented .. how can america kick her off .. thats absolutely ridiculous! .. arggg!

  3. miss. sonee said

    .. i totally agree with you Jillian, her last dance was sensational .. can soemone plz post it up on plz!!!!!!! she’s so beautiful not to mention .. the fact that she used travis wall as to assist her in her final dance .. my heart just broke watching her dance as travis cried .. it was so sad …

  4. techie said

    America really screwed up kicking Allison off. Natalie should have gone off for sure. No worries though. She’s going next.

    I’ve searched through YouTube for the video of the send off and the song name and haven’t found them yet. I’ll post them if and when I do find them.

    Jillian, why do you hate Heidi? She’s fantastic. She’s my personal favorite. How can you say you hate Heidi and not backup your comments with some sort of reason?

  5. Zane said

    I totally disagree…I think the Natalie and Travis are the best dancers there. I don’t think Allison should have left yet though. It should have been Donyelle. The only reason she is still there is because she is beautiful, she’s not that good of a dancer. I was happy to see Ryan go though. He has no charisma. I hope Travis wins, if not then Benji, then Natalie, then Heidi… GO TRAVIS WALL!

  6. Donna said

    So glad I am not the only one that was totally shocked that Allison was kicked off. There are many great dancers this year but she like Benji and Heidi had the most personality in their dance; however, she was the MOST versatile of all.

    I am crazy about Ivan (adorable); however, I believe Benji is also fabulous. Heidi and Benji’s Black Mambo – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. liana said

    CANADA LOVES TRAVIS AND BENJI:) we honestly wish they could make a stop in canada!we love them just as much!…. i kno canada always copies the americans with shows like canadian idol,and canadas next top model..but i tihnk if they were a so yuo tihnk yuo can dance in canada it would rlly be a hit! unlike canadian idol:P … im gunn try my best to get tickets for buffalo since its the closest to toronto!i wish canadians could vote! honestly otherwise allison wouldnt have been going home last week!…. but please,next year come to canada!! WE LOVE DANCE ALSO!!


  8. liana said

    i wish canadians could vote!honestly allison is wayyy better then donyelle.. i mean i love donyelle but can u rlly picture here in celine dion’s production?im sure allison will make it big anywayy..but she is a much stronger dancer then donyelle..
    as for the booys travis is my all time favorite!i tihnk next to go will be ivan.. like he’s aweosme and evrything but compared to someone like benji or travis.. hes weak.. he only rlly stands out in hip hop..again can u picture him in celine dions production?
    as for heidi.. i see lots of ppl like her..but personally.. i dont. i much rather like natalie…heidi is strong dancer and she is amazing but my favorite girl is now natalie..(used to be allison) i tihnnk this year the winner is goiing to be a boy..either travis or benji..its gunn be close and i love the both of them! but i hope its travis! i cant wait for the tour!
    PLEASE AMERICA VOTE 4 TRAVISS!! make canada happy:)please

  9. techie said

    Zane, Travis is a good personality, but Ivan is the best in his own style. Benji is definitely America’s Favorite Boy dancer.

    Donna, I think Heidi loves doing the dances the most. Or at least she shows it the most. Which is great to watch.

    liana, I think any American that has a problem with Canadians copying our programming should take a look at history. The US is notorious for taking the best from every culture.

    Also, I think that there is a way for Canadians to vote. If it would have kept Allison on and Natalie off then I’ll search for a way for all those good Canadians out there to vote. I’m pretty sure having a Vonage IP phone would work. If you want to learn about vonage post a comment and I’ll email you some info. I’ll let you know if I find any other way.

    On second thought, if Canadians are voting for Travis, maybe I shouldn’t find out(j/k).

  10. techie said

    Don’t forget to check the videos I posted of Allison dancing on my post
    Still Healing from Allison Holker’s Departure from So You Think You Can Dance, Watch Disney’s High School Musical

  11. Becca said

    I was upset about Allison as well I have never seen lyrical or cont. dancing until I watched this show and I tell ya it is just BEAUTIFUL anyway back to Allison her ending dancing was so AMAZING and poor Travis standing there and then she was using him in her routine I thought it was so hott made me think they were a couple?????

  12. Caroline said

    The song’s called Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall I really like that song! ^_____^ When I listen to it, it always reminds me of Allison. What a bummer Allison went home 😦 Goshh, I hope Ivan wins&if not, I hope TRAVIS wins. xD

  13. techie said

    Becca, excellent point I forgot to make. Allison and Travis did look like they were a couple during her solo. Why else did he step out there and cry like a baby?

    Ivan and Travis don’t stand a chance in the voting against Benji. My guess. Benji, Travis, Ivan for the boys.

  14. Erin said

    hey ya’ll,

    i am hoping ivan or travis wins now because my favorite got voted out, alison. i think america was wrong sending alison.. .alison, i tried my best!:) i voted all i could girl so i luv ya and hope you the best…TRAVIS IS TOTALLY HOTT!!

  15. Amanda L Wall said


  16. Amanda L Wall said

    I LOVE T R A V I S

  17. Amanda L Wall said


  18. Cori said

    I don’t get it either… I voted for Allison like 25 times the night before she was voted off. She was, by far, the best dancer in the competition. I was literally in shock that she was kicked off… I am officially boycotting “So You Think You Can Dance” now.


  19. Wendy said

    How can no one like Natalie??
    Shes my all time favorite dance on this show!!!
    & I can’t believe no one really likes her.
    I honestly think tonight Donyelle should go home.
    & I hate Travis . Hes way too serious & stuff.
    & Ivan is not going home. Everyone loves him!
    But if Natalie goes home , I will cry!
    She’s definitely the prettiest one on the show.

  20. Heather said

    i love allison and ivan!!! They should go out his girl friend broke up with him so… im soooooooooooooooooooooo sorry about that ivan loves!!!

  21. Heather said

    i cryed when she did her last dance she was the best whats up with that

  22. Heather said

    hey girls who think travis is hott sorry to say but travis is gay he said on my space ” i have a boy friend” a gril told me sorry

  23. techie said

    At least you can still watch Allison Holker’s Final Solo

  24. Kay said

    I loved watching Allison on the show! I am so mad she went home! I do think that Allison and Ivan should be a couple. They are so cute together and they have the same personality. I cried on her final dance too. Everyone was so sad!

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