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Hot Hot Summers – Cooling off your Car Using Solar Power

Posted by techie on July 28, 2006

I’ve been living in the heat of Las Vegas for the past year. Let me tell you it is HOOOOTT!! Sometimes it is just absolutely unbearable. The worst part is getting in your car. Even if you turn on your A/C it is so hot the cool air from the A/C is heated up before it actually reaches you. Now that’s what I call hot. Last summer I even had a car with no A/C. I know I’m crazy, but it was all I had.

This summer the heat in cars has gotten a lot of press because a number of children have been found left in cars. Are people really that crazy to leave their children in a hot car? I can’t believe it.

Well, despite some people leaving their children I found an interesting solar powered solution to cool your car up to 30 degrees using an Auto Cool Solar Car Fan. At $15 that’s a steal to keep it cool and not wear down your A/C. Here’s a full description:

Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Fan. Auto Cool is the revolutionary solar powered ventilation system for your car! Using the power of the sun, it blows hot air out of a parked car to keep it up to 30 degrees cooler than it would normally be. Perfectly for those hot summer afternoons! Compact, it fits in any car window and does not need batteries.


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