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Benji and Heidi’s Club mambo, Black Mambo and Broadway Dance, Fake Your Way to the Top

Posted by techie on July 29, 2006

Since I started to mess around with embedding YouTube videos on my blog I decided that I should post 2 videos of why Benji and Heidi deserve to win So You Think You Can Dance.

Benji & Heidi – Club Mambo Dance, So You Think You Can Dance

Benji & Heidi – Broadway Dance, So You Think You Can Dance

You are welcome to argue this point, but you are wrong.

I’ll also throw in the recap of the results show here:

Good evening dancers, fans of Dance, parents of dancers, trainers, television junkies, heat wave victims, etc. Welcome to another spectacular episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight, despite record-breaking heat across the country, 2 young dancers will be sent packing leaving only 6 left to fight it out for the grand prize.

We have a cool opening routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio in that Chicago musical style. It’s no undead zombie dance like last week, but pretty cool. Out host Cat Deeley trots out and lays out some info. Last night was another record-breaking night with nearly 10 million votes.

Let’s once again meet our amazing judges. Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and my dog, Dan Karaty, bring the noise!

First we see who the bottom dancers are. On the Cat chopping block first, Donyelle and Natalie. Natalie is in the bottom 2 and Donyelle is safe. I didn’t type it, but my thoughts exactly. Next up Allison and Heidi. I think it’s going to be Heidi and I’m wrong, she’s safe. This means Allison will be doing a solo.

Time to see about our dancing men. Benji and Ryan are up in front of Cat first. I really think Ryan is going to be the one doing a solo. Annndddd, right I am, Benji is safe and Ryan is soloing. Now it’s Ivan and Travis. My guess is we’ll see a solo from Travis based on that miserable quick-step. Correct again! Ivan safe, Travis solo.

Now even though we have a bottom 4 dancers the vote has already been decided. Before it gets announced we’ll see solo from each of the bottom 4 plus a special performance by Busta Rhymes.

Natalie – solo
Charlotte Martin
Natalie bursts forth doing her patented mega body flex aerobic explosion leaving her completely out of breath. All the judges give great compliments, but at this point it’s just air because the vote has already been decided

Ryan – solo
Just Fine
Chris Brown
Ryan comes out totally subdued as a sort of intro. After a 5 second stalk walk and a stare down out toward the audience he breaks out his slick contemporary moves coupled with a rhythmic hip-hop feel. The judges show him some love.

Allison – solo
Feeling Good
Michael Buble

This is a sexy side of Allison we haven’t really seen yet in a solo. Her hair is hanging in front of a very sultry look as she comes off the stairs. She pulls some amazing slinky moves coupled with amazing perfect flips. Dan Karaty calls her the most versatile dancer on the show.

Travis – solo
Gotta Get Through This (acoustic version)
Daniel Bedingfield
Travis doesn’t wait long to bust out the pirouettes, but does manage a few more tricks. Impressive solo as always. The judges all radically disagree with me saying Travis should not be in the bottom 2 this week.

Here’s the big time musical guest, Busta Rhymes! Busta traded in the top-of-the-head braid sprout for a simple black baseball cap. He’s definitely looking his age but still the same Busta minus a little of energy.

Now for the hard stuff. The ladies are up first. Cat dishes out the tough break, Allison is going home. You would think it was Natalie going home with all the tears she’s letting loose. Allison gets to a quick goodbye dance for her fans. Dancing to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. She does some emotional charged flails and sweeping jumps all the while Natalie weeping in the background.

Now we see which of the boys is going home. Ryan is going home, not too much of a surprise. I half think he expected this. Here’s Ryan’s last dance to Chris Brown’s Ain’t No Way (But You Won’t Love Me). That’s the show people, see you next week with the final 6.

If Ryan didn’t expect this he’s crazy.


2 Responses to “Benji and Heidi’s Club mambo, Black Mambo and Broadway Dance, Fake Your Way to the Top”

  1. goose said

    you are moving, even now i did not see the show so you think you can dance, and i am an amature. i hope that my class mates and i can learn something from watching you. I just hope you can do this without Hiede (sorry if i spelled her name wrong). may the great spirit be with you on your future travels. Deeply, Felice Whitehorse.

  2. goose said

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