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Kids Should Love School Uniforms – Parents Should Love Them More

Posted by techie on July 29, 2006

Whenever I hear people start to talk about school uniforms I never understand why people don’t like to have school uniforms. When I was in school I would have killed to have school uniforms. Sure, I can see why the cool people will want to wear cool clothes because of course their clothes define them as cool. Whatever, that is the stupidest argument ever.

Parents make a worse argument for not having school uniforms because they want their kids to have an “identity.” What a crock of crap. If you as parents need your children to dress differently to give them an identity then you might want to reconsider this parenting job. Just give up your kids now because dressing is not what’s important in this life.

Ok, so I can understand how some kids need to act cool and play the crowd so their friends don’t think they want to wear school uniforms. That’s the cool thing to do and all. However, deep down each kid and parent should want school uniforms.

Here’s why:
Why do kids want to have to wake up in the morning and decide what they have to wear? Everyone one of us has had and hates the experience of waking up and not knowing what to wear. Problem solved. School Uniforms!!

Do parents really want to go and buy so many different clothes for their children? They should love that they don’t have to wait for their kids to decide what clothes to wear and they don’t have to worry about what to buy their children. In fact, those people who want to buy their school uniforms online they can now. Order the clothes online and then you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your very own home. Don’t worry. These school uniforms aren’t just some generic uniforms. They come in brand name uniforms like Dickies. Take a look at this Dickies Boys Long Sleeve oxford shirt for school uniform. Meets the guidelines and is durable. That’s what having the name Dickies attached to the uniform means.

Let’s just throw one personal opinion out there. At least guys(and probably girls) will do much better in school if modest clothes were worn. School uniforms solves this problem too.


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