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Posted by techie on July 30, 2006

The owners of the domain have been fielding hundreds of customer service e-mails and phone calls regarding Google’s AdSense program since the advertising service launched in March 2003.


It turns out that Google doesn’t own the domain despite Google having the very popular Google Adsense.

I’m completely surprised that a company can’t use the power of that domain to generate more revenue for them as a company. This seems like a no brainer. I did find it funny that they applied to participate in Google’s Adsense program and were denied.


3 Responses to “ Not Owned by Google”

  1. jean said

    check this link out regarding adsense

  2. I would love to have that domain to make money off of the referral links that it could generate. On the webpage, it said that google stole the name from them.. That wouldn’t happen if you trademarked the name or image right…

  3. techie said

    That’s a very fine point. The website should have trademarked their name right and Google would have had to either choose a different name or pay them a chunk of change.

    However, I still don’t see why someone would want to work with a company that doesn’t know how to capitalize on a domain name like

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