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Visit to Grandpa’s House – My One Wish, A Recliner

Posted by techie on July 30, 2006

I just got back from a nice little vacation to my son’s grandfather’s house. I don’t know what it is with my son’s grandfathers, but they both have these big fat recliners that they practically live in. I’m serious about this. One of them even sleeps in it. I guess he likes it better than his bed.

Personally I’m not ready to give up my bed, but having a recliner really changes the way you live life. I found a whole list of recliners online at I can’t believe there is such a large set of recliners to choose from. I personally would have to go with the integrated foot rest, because otherwise the separate foot rest would just cause my wife to go insane. I also like the big fluffy ones better than the leather ones. To each their own. This is just my personal preference. For some reason, this nice fat blue recliner caught my eye. How do you decide with such a large selection?

The pricing at seems pretty reasonable with many of the recliners in the $300-$500 range. I think that’s about as cheap as I’ve found any recliners. Not to mention they offer free shipping. I’m often leary of ordering large pieces of furniture online, because they usually charge you hordes of money on shipping. Add the shipping to the regular costs and I might as well go to the local store.

Now I just need to casually send a link to this post to my wife and we’ll be in business.


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