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Lost Comic Standing and Rockstar Supernova Tonight – Michele Balan and Zyeda Are Going Home

Posted by techie on August 2, 2006

Tonight there are 2 interesting reality shows going on:Rockstar Supernova and Last Comic Standing. I think there’s no question which one will be watched and which one will be watched during commercials. Last Comic Standing is 100 times better than Rockstar Supernova. Although, don’t get me wrong. I am glad that Rockstar Supernova is on tonight because it will be a great show to flip to during the commercials. I hate when I don’t have a second show that I can flip to.

The flip principle doesn’t apply to shows like Law and Order because you have to stay focused on the show. However, in reality shows you can flip all you want. Now if my remote would just finally get the channel recall button I would be even happier. I was just wondering what happened to picture in picture. That use to be all the hype in TV’s, but I haven’t heard about it for years.

Here’s my predictions that you can take to the bank:
On Last Comic Standing Michele Balan is definitely going HOME!! She should have gone home before. Reading the entertaining Last Comic Standing blog I realized that maybe she had some risky content that got cut from the show, but people in the audience liked. Either way, it’s time for her to hit the road.

Rockstar Supernova should be interesting, but I’m going with the comments on my previous Rockstar Supernova post that Zayra is going home.


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