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Enlightening Questions About So You Think You Can Dance(SYTYCD)

Posted by techie on August 3, 2006

While watching the latest episode of So You Think You Can Dance a lot of questions came to my mind. Just imagine we were watching the show together. These are the questions I’d ask you. Are you listening Nigel?

What was Cat wearing tonight?

Who would have thought that Natalie of all people wouldn’t be a morning person?

Should Ivan ever do Jive(or any other ballroom type dance)? Before you get mad, I LOVE Ivan’s solos just not his ballroom

Do you wish that Travis would just spin for his solos and stop with the rest of what he calls dance? Yes, I still don’t understand modern dance

Could Cat almost pulling up her shirt like Travis, quite possibly be the most exciting part of the night?

Wouldn’t you have rather seen Benji dance with his cousin Heidi? Even if Benji and Donyelle is a better storyline

Does America really care if Donyelle finishes her arm punches in the air? Follow up: Does Nigel really know anything about dance?

Was Natalie a stripper previous to the show?

Didn’t Heidi look Lovely doing a waltz? Oh yeah, Travis was out there too

Is it just me or do Ivan’s solos always seem to end the same way?

What an intro for Benji and Donyelle’s hip hop!!? I know that’s not a question, but it feels like one since it demands a response

Is Nigel afraid to say something bad about Benji and Donyelle? I’m just not sure if he’s trying to hurt or help them by not saying bad things

Have you ever seen a contemporary routine as “popping” as Ivan and Natalie’s?

Was Benji’s solo, “dancing” or just “shaking”? Give him a partner

Did Travis finally out dance my beloved Heidi in the earth dance? But I still prefer Heidi

What was Donyelle doing dancing contemporary when she’s a hip hop dancer? Maybe it’s because Donyelle already did a hip hop on this show. Still a MISTAKE

Wasn’t Mia Michaels’s comments perfect about the popularity of all these dancers?
I think that all of the dancers have a future in dancing. However, they aren’t singers. How many dancers have you heard that have gone on a dancer tour like Carrie Underwood can do? You can’t really sell a ton of CDs to people like a singer can. Although, I still think there is a lot of potential for my idea that Benji Schwimmer make a DVD of him dancing.


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