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Old School Video of Benji Schwimmer Dancing – A Benji TV Network or DVD?

Posted by techie on August 3, 2006

Benji Schwimmer from So You Think You Can Dance is whooing women left and right with his little boy charm, his true gentleman character, his booty shaking and oh yeah, his dancing. If you don’t believe me then just read some comments from one of my previous posts about Benji Schwimmer. Many of my other So You Think You Can Dance posts have good juicy comments declaring their love to Benji also.

Today, I was thinking that if Benji were a TV network then it could simply be called Benji. If he then followed ESPN’s model, he could start a second network called Benji Classic. This network would of course play Benji’s “Classic” dances over and over again. One example of a video they could play is this fantastic video of Benji dancing with Tatiana Mollman:

Ladies!! Ladies!! Settle down. There’s plenty of Benji to go around. Do you like the idea?

Ok, maybe Benji as a TV network could be a bit of an exaggeration. However, I could see a lot of people buying Benji Schwimmer the DVD. How many of my readers would buy that?

To Benji: I’ll offer you my services creating a website to sell the DVD as long as you give me the opportunity to dance with your cousin Heidi.

A picture of Benji and Heidi much younger:
Benji and Heidi from So You Think You Can Dance
How precious!!


8 Responses to “Old School Video of Benji Schwimmer Dancing – A Benji TV Network or DVD?”

  1. Elonka said

    Hey, great pic of Benji and Heidi as kids, where’d you get it? Can we use it in their articles on Wikipedia?

    Elonka 🙂

  2. techie said

    It was on flickr so I think it’s fine to use on Wikipedia since it is a for non commercial use.

  3. Rita said

    These two are truly professionals and I look forward to watching their careers soar! It is so refreshing to watch them dance either together or solo. Rock on Benji and Heidi!

  4. sunsetcliffs said

    Hey Benji I may be an older lady but you are the best donggone dancer I have ever watched. I own a adult foster home in the little town of Dallas Oregon and all my residents are pulling for you (voting for you too)My Oldest lady is 96!
    Rock on Kid. We Love YOU!!!!!

  5. Sami said

    I love watching Benji dance. If I’m not watching the goofy grins that he seems to wear when he is dancing, I watch his legs, which move so fluidly…reminds me of water…I’m sounding super lame…lol…

  6. techie said

    So I’m just guessing, but you might be interested in buying Benji the DVD?

  7. Sami said

    Interested, yes. Will it happen, probably not…I really only liked Heidi as his partner, they worked good together, and were really in sync. Him with Tatiana seemed off, and him with Dony…well, I think that she is a crappy dancer and not up to par with Benji, so watching them together might be too painful if I had to pay…If it was Benji by himself hands down yes, I would buy.

  8. dancing with the stars dancing with the stars

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