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A Few So You Think You Can Dance(SYTYCD) Factoids – Natalie Fotopoulos and Ivan Koumaev Are Going Home Tonight

Posted by techie on August 4, 2006

If either benji or heidi win, they’ve decided to split the money

Ivan broke up with his girlfriend

Heidi and Dmitry were dance partners before the show in Dancesport

Allison scrubbed dance floors to be able to pay for dance lessons

Heidi and Benji attended an LA LDS singles ward after practice one Sunday

Allison’s sister dances with Celine Deion already

Benji’s sister reported that Benji was in the hospital for 2 days due to strep throat and dehydration

Benji’s dad was scheduled to choreograph the show, but he turned it down so Benji could compete

Allison Holker and Jaymz Tuaileva went to a homecoming dance together at Timpanogos High School in Orem.

Benji danced for his literal life in Mexico once(see story).

Allison and Travis worked together last year, but are not together romantically(although Travis’s myspace says he does have a relationship, but doesn’t say with who).

My Favorite Audience Signs:
Benji, Father my Child
Choose the Benji (Similar to the LDS Choose the Right)

My Favorite Comment by sunsetcliffs:

Hey Benji I may be an older lady but you are the best donggone dancer I have ever watched. I own a adult foster home in the little town of Dallas Oregon and all my residents are pulling for you (voting for you too)My Oldest lady is 96!
Rock on Kid. We Love YOU!!!!!

Now on to our predictions:

My wife wanted to get in on the prediction action. However, she predicted the same thing as me:

Natalie Fotopoulos and Ivan Koumaev Are Going Home Tonight!!

Ivan has lasted long enough and Natalie is hurting too much. They’ve got to go. I can’t wait to see Ivan’s final solo!!


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