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Technology, Entrepreneurship, Reality TV, and other passions!!’s Kevin Rose’s Rise to Fame – Sticking it to VC’s

Posted by techie on August 4, 2006

Business Week told a very nice story about some of the experience of Digg’s founder Kevin Rose’s rise to fame. My favorite part of the whole article is the discussion about how entrepreneurs are now able to create companies with much less capital(and thus less risk). It even says at one point that it is a great time to be an entrepreneur. I’m sure many venture capitalists could say the same thing about being a venture capitalist with so many different web businesses getting started.

I’ve personally just finished conversations with an angel investor who was ready to fund my idea. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to give up my day job and risk my family’s well being on this idea. I think one day I’m going to have to take the jump and start a business. I just don’t think this is the idea that I want to rely on. It was a tough decision since I really like my idea and I believe that my idea could be worth millions of dollars with very little investment. In fact, our projections seemed to mimic many of the needs of Kevin Rose in starting Digg. Oh well, there will be many more opportunities to do something similar.

In the end, I felt really good about my decision to wait when I read the following about Kevin losing his girlfriend to do Digg:

No matter what happens with Digg, [Kevin] won’t put business first again.


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