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Got an Idea or Invention and Don’t Know What to Do? Don’t Ask ME…

Posted by techie on August 4, 2006

Besides owning a home I think the next biggest American dream is to invent something. It’s pretty much apart of who we are as Americans. It hearkens back to some time in history which I should know about, but don’t because I haven’t taken a history class in years. How do you take that product to market you may ask?

Many of you may want to consider a recent Reality TV show American Inventor. The best part of that show was that the top 4 inventions all got to see their invention do something (even if seeing Jerry Rice wasn’t really helping the invention much). If you win you get $1 million and then it doesn’t matter what you do with your invention.

Granted if you go on the show then you are almost certainly locked into some ugly contract that basically means the show owns your product. Not to mention, your chances of getting on the show are pretty slim.

What other options are out there? One I just came across and prompted this post is a company called Davison Design. This company specializes in being an invention factory. They offer the full range of invention services like: research, industrial design, virtual reality, and product samples to packaging, presentation for possible licensing, and royalty management. Partnering with a company like this sounds like a great option.

Even if you don’t want to work with Davison Design as a partner, you should check out the information they have on the invention process. Davison Design is full of good information for inventors.

If you do want to use Davison Design then here’s a brief overview of what would happen if you worked with Davison Design:

Step 1: Complete our free information form and we will rush you information on pursuing your idea/invention.
Step 2: Within 5-7 business days, you will receive an 8.5 x 11 first class mail envelope containing our brochure and confidential submission form.
Step 3: You review the information, and if need be, receive assistance from our staff in completing the form.
Step 4: You complete and return the confidential idea submission form.
Step 5: Your idea/invention is reviewed to determine if it falls within our scope of services. This is not a review based on patentability or marketability and is not considered a method of choosing or selecting your concept over another submission.
Step 6: You are contacted for a no-cost confidential discussion regarding your idea/invention.
Step 7: If we can offer services, product design research will be conducted on your idea/invention for a fee.
Step 8: We offer contingency representation and attempt to identify corporation(s) that could be a match for your idea/invention.
Step 9: We prepare your idea/invention for presentation to a corporation for a fee.
Step 10: Materials we prepare are presented to you for your review and approval.
Step 11: Once materials are approved by you and additional protection is in place, we ship the product or presentation materials to the corporation.
Step 12: We attempt to license the idea to the corporation if there is interest in the idea/invention.


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