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Web 2.0 Social Search Engine on Sale on eBay

Posted by techie on August 4, 2006

Web 2.0 techniques and user generated content to build better systems is a general concept going on right now across the web.

Well, there are some interesting upstarts in this sector, such as OOZM.

It’s tagline: “More relevant results because they are rated by REAL people, not Robots.”

You can check out OOZM eBay Sale. Yes, as is typical in the Web 2.0 field, Guna’s strength is in building new technologies, not building businesses.

Here’s some excerpts from an interview with the creator of OOZM, Guna Deivendran.

According to Guna:
“With millions of websites emerging every single day, there is no point for search engines to index millions of pages. With OOZM we can actually limit the number of indexes and allow people to actually narrow down on relevant results that are recommended by real users.”

And how is the bidding progressing?

Guna says: “I have over 50 bidders watching my bids and I have answered more than 25 questions so far. There are some people who want to grab this for nothing and there are some people that actually understands the business. I am looking for someone who actually understands the concept and is willing to keep the site going.”

I think Guna has a good chance of making a nice chunk of change from his social search engine. A similar meta search engine, Jux2 went for sale last year and was sold for $100,000 on eBay. Few months ago another fresh engine, went for sale on eBay for $25,400.


One Response to “Web 2.0 Social Search Engine on Sale on eBay”

  1. sytycd said

    This is a great product. I really love it.

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