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Web 2.0 Social Search Engine on Sale on eBay

Posted by techie on August 4, 2006

Web 2.0 techniques and user generated content to build better systems is a general concept going on right now across the web.

Well, there are some interesting upstarts in this sector, such as OOZM.

It’s tagline: “More relevant results because they are rated by REAL people, not Robots.”

You can check out OOZM eBay Sale. Yes, as is typical in the Web 2.0 field, Guna’s strength is in building new technologies, not building businesses.

Here’s some excerpts from an interview with the creator of OOZM, Guna Deivendran.

According to Guna:
“With millions of websites emerging every single day, there is no point for search engines to index millions of pages. With OOZM we can actually limit the number of indexes and allow people to actually narrow down on relevant results that are recommended by real users.”

And how is the bidding progressing?

Guna says: “I have over 50 bidders watching my bids and I have answered more than 25 questions so far. There are some people who want to grab this for nothing and there are some people that actually understands the business. I am looking for someone who actually understands the concept and is willing to keep the site going.”

I think Guna has a good chance of making a nice chunk of change from his social search engine. A similar meta search engine, Jux2 went for sale last year and was sold for $100,000 on eBay. Few months ago another fresh engine, went for sale on eBay for $25,400.


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Posted by techie on August 4, 2006

Business Week told a very nice story about some of the experience of Digg’s founder Kevin Rose’s rise to fame. My favorite part of the whole article is the discussion about how entrepreneurs are now able to create companies with much less capital(and thus less risk). It even says at one point that it is a great time to be an entrepreneur. I’m sure many venture capitalists could say the same thing about being a venture capitalist with so many different web businesses getting started.

I’ve personally just finished conversations with an angel investor who was ready to fund my idea. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to give up my day job and risk my family’s well being on this idea. I think one day I’m going to have to take the jump and start a business. I just don’t think this is the idea that I want to rely on. It was a tough decision since I really like my idea and I believe that my idea could be worth millions of dollars with very little investment. In fact, our projections seemed to mimic many of the needs of Kevin Rose in starting Digg. Oh well, there will be many more opportunities to do something similar.

In the end, I felt really good about my decision to wait when I read the following about Kevin losing his girlfriend to do Digg:

No matter what happens with Digg, [Kevin] won’t put business first again.

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Got an Idea or Invention and Don’t Know What to Do? Don’t Ask ME…

Posted by techie on August 4, 2006

Besides owning a home I think the next biggest American dream is to invent something. It’s pretty much apart of who we are as Americans. It hearkens back to some time in history which I should know about, but don’t because I haven’t taken a history class in years. How do you take that product to market you may ask?

Many of you may want to consider a recent Reality TV show American Inventor. The best part of that show was that the top 4 inventions all got to see their invention do something (even if seeing Jerry Rice wasn’t really helping the invention much). If you win you get $1 million and then it doesn’t matter what you do with your invention.

Granted if you go on the show then you are almost certainly locked into some ugly contract that basically means the show owns your product. Not to mention, your chances of getting on the show are pretty slim.

What other options are out there? One I just came across and prompted this post is a company called Davison Design. This company specializes in being an invention factory. They offer the full range of invention services like: research, industrial design, virtual reality, and product samples to packaging, presentation for possible licensing, and royalty management. Partnering with a company like this sounds like a great option.

Even if you don’t want to work with Davison Design as a partner, you should check out the information they have on the invention process. Davison Design is full of good information for inventors.

If you do want to use Davison Design then here’s a brief overview of what would happen if you worked with Davison Design:

Step 1: Complete our free information form and we will rush you information on pursuing your idea/invention.
Step 2: Within 5-7 business days, you will receive an 8.5 x 11 first class mail envelope containing our brochure and confidential submission form.
Step 3: You review the information, and if need be, receive assistance from our staff in completing the form.
Step 4: You complete and return the confidential idea submission form.
Step 5: Your idea/invention is reviewed to determine if it falls within our scope of services. This is not a review based on patentability or marketability and is not considered a method of choosing or selecting your concept over another submission.
Step 6: You are contacted for a no-cost confidential discussion regarding your idea/invention.
Step 7: If we can offer services, product design research will be conducted on your idea/invention for a fee.
Step 8: We offer contingency representation and attempt to identify corporation(s) that could be a match for your idea/invention.
Step 9: We prepare your idea/invention for presentation to a corporation for a fee.
Step 10: Materials we prepare are presented to you for your review and approval.
Step 11: Once materials are approved by you and additional protection is in place, we ship the product or presentation materials to the corporation.
Step 12: We attempt to license the idea to the corporation if there is interest in the idea/invention.

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All The Office Furniture You Need Right Online

Posted by techie on July 30, 2006

When starting a new office you will soon realize that you have a huge need for office furniture. There are so many choices out there it is nice to have a site designed to handle all of your office furniture needs. Here’s a sample list of the categories of office furniture that is available:
Read the rest of this entry »

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Employee Performance Software for Small or Large Businesses

Posted by techie on July 27, 2006

Managing employees has got to be one the hardest jobs that exists. The fact is that people change and are each unique and so in order to be successful in a small or large business you have to have an organized process that allows you to manage, evaluate, review and monitor your employees.

I’m sure many people have good systems set up to manage employees using paper, word documents, spreadsheets, email folders or some simple access database. However, that is a miserable task keeping those things organized and efficient. Instead every business should look at getting a software to manage all of these tasks from top to bottom. One example of a company that does Employee Management Software is called Manager Assistance. Try out a free demo of the software and let me know what you think.

One thing I wish they would do is integrate this with a payroll management software so you can have all of your employee management in one place.

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eSmartPayroll Software – Great for Small Business Taxes Using e-File

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eSmartPayroll Software – Great for Small Business Taxes Using e-File

Posted by techie on July 19, 2006

In my continuing series of posts about starting a small business(see related links below), I found a good way to manage your company payroll electronically. I think payroll has to be one of the most painful and time consuming things you have to do for a business. Ok, so it is only painful because it takes so much time and it is an excercise in paper shuffling. Well, with eSmartPayroll( you can now get rid of the paper shuffle and tax care of the wretched(but essential) tax filing for your business. Here’s a list of their services:

C&S develops eSmartForms for income tax, payroll tax returns and provide e-File services to IRS, SSA and the States.

The unique eSmartForms look and print exactly like the paper forms except they are used with Microsoft Word® and compute taxes for you.

Unlike PDF forms, eSmartForms can be saved and printed like regular Word documents.
Download in seconds.
No installation.
Save, print and mail or e-file to IRS.

Each eSmart form works independently and related forms work together by reading data from each other.

eSmartForms are the easiest and the most versatile electronic forms for your form needs and C&S is the only company that creates and distributes these high quality Word based, electronic and computing forms on the Internet.

eSmart Tax Services Center provides the widest range of e-file services for your business.C&S is one of few IRS e-file partners for both income tax and business tax returns.
Prepare and e-file online at our site
Use eSmartForms on your computer, then upload data to e-file
Batch e-file for multiple companies with significant price discount

C&S, being the actual e-file software developer, understands the issues and requirements for efficient and accurate e-File.

You can use eSmart online or eSmartForm e-file solutions or you can send us your data and we will take care of the rest. It is economical, accurate, convenient and fast.

More importantly here’s a list of their forms that can use eFile

940/941 PIN Application
941 940 940EZ
DE-6 W-2 W-2c
1099-MISC Correction

Now if they IRS could just streamline the whole process that would be appreciated. I don’t know why, but I just hate taxes. I’m a very generous person and I love supporting our country, but for some reasons taxes just get under my skin. At least electronically I don’t have to spend much time doing them and dreading it the entire time.

Don’t forget July 31st is the deadline for your form 941 quarterly payroll filing. For more information about eSmartPayroll or forms 941, DE6, 1099 and others, please visit

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Paid Search Advertising, Natural Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Call Management, Affiliate Management, Search Engine Marketing Training, Search Engine Marketing Analysis

Posted by techie on July 17, 2006

Today I ran across a website for an austin search marketing company called Apogee( I thought the site was well done and I espescially loved that was green reminding you of how much money they can make you.

A good search engine marketing company is essential to a growing business. If you have a business and aren’t marketing to search engines then you are losing customers. Apogee seems to be covering all of the bases like the following:

Paid Search Advertising
Natural Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Call Management
Affiliate Management
Search Engine Marketing Training
Search Engine Marketing Analysis

Understanding each of these functional areas is important for you to drive traffic to your website. The 2 keys are to first drive targeted traffic to your website. Second, you must analyze the marketing you are doing. Reporting and analysis tools can gather a wealth of information on your search engine marketing. Understanding, optimizing and adapting your search engine marketing is essential.

If you don’t have these skills yourself then look to someone like Apogee(

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SpectorSoft – Taking Computer Monitoring to the Next Level

Posted by techie on July 11, 2006

As a computer guy having a 2 year old I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can one day protect my son on the internet. There are so many technologies out there that I was sure that one of them would do what I want it to do. I just hadn’t found it yet. Today I found SpectorSoft’s computer monitoring software which looks like the solution I’m looking for. It essentially monitors and logs everything that is done on your computer.

Now I can understand how many people might think that computer monitoring is a bad thing because it shows your kids that you don’t trust them. However, I think this is such a mistaken thought. Sure, you do want to show your kids that you trust them. However, even more important is that no kid should care if you add computer monitoring software if they aren’t doing something they shouldn’t.

The other side of this coin is in the business or corporate world. In some of my previous jobs there has been strict rules(religious) that of course wanted to prevent pornography and other inappropriate material being seen. Computer monitoring is really the only way to know for sure what is happening with this. Filters can be easily bypassed. However, as a general rule I don’t like computer monitoring at work. Although, I think it would depend on the boss’s reaction. I currently have a boss that isn’t reasonable and so that definitely biases my opinion.

However, there are a number of computers at my current job doing IT in healthcare that computer monitoring would be an essential part of HIPAA compliance. I espescially like how SpectorSoft( can record what files were saved to removable media. That’s extremely important. I think this is perfect for those intern computers that need a little more security.

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Posted by techie on July 8, 2006

New businesses often start at home and find that working at home isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Honestly, when I’m at home I’d rather be with my wife than working. It is very distracting. I guess that’s the problem with loving my wife so much. has come to the rescue of those needing office space. You can search for office spaces in your area that you can rent for a very reasonable price. I found a location near my that only cost $50 a month to rent. I’m pretty sure that is one desk, but that might just be all that you need to start your company. $50 sounds like a good deal for me. It seems like they even provide a computer, phone, fax and often access to shared conference rooms. An excellent idea for budding entrepreneurs.

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