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Save Money on International and Domestic Long Distance Calls

Posted by techie on July 24, 2006

Ever since I lived in Italy for 2 years I’ve loved giving my friends in Italy a call. I occassionally used my parents phone to call because then they paid for it, but I know it was a complete ripoff using a regular phone.

In comes the wonderful discount calling cards by for making international calls.

Take a look at just a few reasons you should use Pingo over other calling cards:

# Pingo international calling cards save you money on international calls

# Upgrade your long distance service without the trouble of having to change carriers

# Pingo international calling cards offer the savings of a discount calling card with the reliable quality of one of the largest carriers of international calls

# Pingo RateWatcher is working for you. We’re actively on the look-out for opportunities to reduce our costs and pass the savings on to you. That’s how RateWatcher helps to make Pingo the last calling card you’ll ever need. It saves you from the hassle of comparing calling cards, looking for lower rates, because Pingo’s doing it for you!

# Pingo international calling cards have no additional fees—just a 98 cents per month account maintenance fee


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Getting a Mortgage

Posted by techie on July 1, 2006

I’ve been recently looking at houses and getting a mortgage has to be the biggest pain ever. There are so many details and so many lendors out there it’s insane. I found Express Capital Funding Group which seemed to have some things that I want when I do a mortgage such as:

  • When you apply we will take time to review your credit report with you
  • There are no up-front or hidden fees
  • You will be updated on the status of your file one hundred percent of the time
  • The process can take 10 to 30 days
  • The rate that we quote you at the time of the application is the rate that you are going to get at closing

Very important things to look at when getting a mortgage.

This post sponsored by PayForPost.

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