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Jockey Gets One-day Ban for Head-butting Horse – Video on ESPN

Posted by techie on August 3, 2006

ESPN just reported that a Jockey got a one-day ban for Head-butting a horse. Here’s the digg of the story. Here’s the original story from ESPN.

I’m amazed that a jockey would do this. However, when you see him get thrown off the horse you have to be a little sympathetic.


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Over 2500 Magazines from 24 Different Sites

Posted by techie on July 26, 2006

There are so many friggin magazines out there I can’t believe it. You can find a magazine on almost anything. In fact, I found a website called that compares prices for over 2500 magazines from 24 different sites, and helps people find magazine subscriptions for 3+ years.

That’s a lot of magazines to aggregate. Take my favorite example by taking a look at their list of sports and recreation magazines. That’s a lot of magazines. Plus they have it right placing the best 3 at the top: Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine and Sporting News.

The only thing that does surprise me is that the website is still done in HTML. With all that good information it should be database driven with some sort of nice scripting language.

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Floyd Landis Keeps the Tour de France Winner in America for the Eighth Straight Year – Will He Move to Team Discovery?

Posted by techie on July 23, 2006

I don’t think there are many things prettier than seeing the beautiful American flag flying down the streets of Paris as another American wins the Tour de France. I’ve been watching a lot of the Tour de France and it has been very exciting to watch this year.

Floyd Landis deserved the win after dominating the final mountain stage of the Tour de France and also winning the time trial. There isn’t anything flashy about Floyd, but there is something nice about his quiet method of winning. Except for his enormous falling out of 8 minutes he had the Tour de France in his control the entire time. Floyd will be remember for one of the greatest rides of Tour de France history. It was outstanding.

It’s always interesting to compare Floyd Landis to Lance Armstrong at this point. I don’t think it is a fair comparison since they are such different riders on very different teams. However, they were both champions that Americans can be proud of.

I think it is also really interesting to read about Floyd’s background being raised in a Mennonite town. I think ESPN did a good job on covering this part of Floyd’s story.

Now we’ll just have to see if Floyd Landis can recover from hip surgery and return to the tour. Not to mention if Team Discovery and Lance Armstrong really will sign Floyd away from Team Phonak.

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OLN’s Coverage of the Tour – Why Can’t We Stream it?

Posted by techie on July 22, 2006

I’ve loved watching the Tour de France these past couple weeks. I think it has been a very exciting and interesting race. I loved when Lance just dominated all those other European riders, but it just wasn’t nearly as interesting to watch. This year was much better.

Unfortunately, on the last mountain stage I had a meeting I had to attend and so I taped it. However, when I got home I got caught up doing something and never got to see it. How mad did that make me? To add insult to injury I went out of town the next day and so I didn’t see what happened in the time trial either.

This all sucks because it’s like watching 3 1/2 quarters of a basketball or football game and then not being able to see the end. Not to mention when I go to OLN’s Tour de France website of course the results are plastered across their main page. It’s not OLN’s fault, because ESPN did the same. However, I don’t understand why they can’t hide the result and give you a warning that if you click on that link then you are going to know what happened. It pisses me off.

So, now I know Floyd Landis should win the Tour de France. That’s cool, but it would have been better to watch the action.

The real solution here would be to have on demand and streaming coverage of the Tour de France so that I could have watched it at work or anytime that I wanted to watch it. I know that OLN plays it throughout the day, but they need to expand their coverage and start streaming the stages of the tour. I’m even fine if they don’t start the streaming until after they are done playing the stage on OLN. Just give me the streaming media I want so I don’t have to be pissed and not want to watch the Tour next year.

Regardless, Congratulations Floyd. It will be very nice to see another American on the podium in France.

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Marcus Banks Signs with Phoenix Suns

Posted by techie on July 22, 2006

Living in Las Vegas about the only sports news we get is anything to do with UNLV. Therefore the only sports news to announce this week was about Marcus Banks signing with the Phoenix Suns. It is a really interesting choice for Banks who hasn’t played much in Minnesota, but looked good when they did play him. The problem is that he could have gone to a number of teams and gotten the starting job. However, he was fine with going to Phoenix and playing second fiddle to Steve Nash.

If you think about this for a second it really is a no brainer for Marcus Banks.

First, who wouldn’t want to learn from the best point guard still playing in the league Steve Nash?

Second, between the always impressive Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire returning to the lineup I think I could play guard for the Suns.

Third, look what playing on the suns did for so many other mediocre, but skilled players.

Fourth, the Suns have a real serious shot at winning the NBA championships. I don’t care what role you will play on a team, if that team wins a championship you are going to be super happy. He’s set for life and so now he wants to win championships.

Finally, he’s getting paid $21 million to do all of the above.

I think that many in vegas will pick up some Suns tickets and take the quick hour flight to Phoenix to catch a game.

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