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So You Think You Can Dance, Rockstar Supernova, The One, America’s Got Talent All in One Night

Posted by techie on July 27, 2006

If you are like I and have been watching way too much reality TV you would have noticed that last night all of the following shows were aired: So You Think You Can Dance, Rockstar Supernova, The One – Making a Music Star, and America’s Got Talent.

I think each of these on its own would be quite entertaining shows I wonder why Monday nights are so boring as far as shows go and last night was so chock full of shows. Saturday night is another boring night. At least they could replay these shows so we could see the ones we missed. However, I think reality shows just aren’t as good when they aren’t live.

Well, regardless I had to pick my order of channel flipping amongst all the reality shows and so here’s the order of shows that I liked with a little review:
So You Think You Can Dance – This is by far the best of the reality shows. You can see many of my previous posts on So You Think You Can Dance

America’s Got Talent – Taylor Ware and The Millers harmonic is still my favorite after 3 semifinals. However, I think that rappin’ granny is one of the funniest. Although I think rapping granny should have been a people’s choice and not the judge’s choice.

The One – Making a Music Star – This is a pretty decent show. It seems like there is a little too much drama and I’m not that excited about the judges. However, I think the performances are interesting and they do a good job keeping the suspense interesting.

Rockstar Supernova – You can see my review of Rockstar Supernova

Well, I’m not sure if this blog is going to become a reality blog mixed with a bunch of technology, but I kind of like how my blog ebbs and flow according to what interests me at the moment. I’m still not sure why more people haven’t commented on my site.

I guess everyone agrees with my opinions.


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