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Windfall TV Show – What Would You Do With Millions?

Posted by techie on July 11, 2006

I’ve been watching the TV show Windfall( lately and have really found the list of stories quite interesting. However, I think they’ve all taken the wrong course with their money. They are all acting like complete fools.

I’ll tell you what I’d do. I’d put the first $5 million in a very solid investment. I’d take the rest except for $1 million and put it in a higher risk set of investments. The last $1 million I would use to purchase a home and a few toys. From that point on I would not allow myself to spend anything except the interest earned by that money. I would continue doing my current IT job because I love what I do. I would stop working the 8-5 and definitely stop the grind of doing it every day. However, I would still do IT consulting so that I could do what I enjoy and help other people enjoy the benefits of IT. Any other money I made and interest would be enough for me to play to my hearts content while still being satisfied doing a fulfilling job.

Now, where’s my millions?


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